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  • Meal Planner for Muscle Gain & Fat Burn
  • Over 2000+ Diverse & Delicious Recipes
  • Enriched Weekly Macros Tracker


Calorie counter

A tool that helps you track the number of calories you consume.


Easy search for a food

Over 500,000 products with photos in our database makes search for a food super easy.


Reach your goals

Setting goals and a plan to achieve them is key to success. Regularly review progress.


Personalised Meal Planner

Ditch the guesswork! Our meal planner creates customised plans specifically for muscle gain or ripping. We prioritise the perfect recipes based on your diet and preferences, making achieving your fitness goals a breeze.


Diverse & Delicious Recipes

Explore an extensive recipe database of over 2,000 high-protein, low-carb options, including vegetarian and vegan recipes, with a strong focus on gaining muscle mass or shredding to support your fitness journey.


Weekly Macro Tracker

Maintaining consistent protein, carb, and fat intake is crucial for your goal's success. Our easy-to-use weekly macro tracker helps you monitor your intake and stay on target with your macros and nutrient goals.